Astro Restaurant


This year we are celebrating our 32nd anniversary. Being around since the Carter Administration we have seen allot of
changes to this neighborhood and New York in general. We here at the Astro Restaurant, management and staff, try
to be as close to the original Astro idea that we can, with good food that is consistent, and the decor of the store as it was almost 1/3century ago.

We serve breakfast lunch and dinner 7days a week, we also have a special breakfast menu that we serve from

6:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m Monday-Friday except Holidays.  

In this web site you will find our menu, specials of the day, the photo gallery with pictures of the
restaurant, food and our staff. We have a contact page where you can send in your ideas, compliments and or your
complains. We at the Astro Restaurant will continue to serve you to the best of our ability.

Tom Aronis and Myron Averhiou